How to grow your business & not lose your mind (Part 7 – Effort)

I’m wrapping up this lovingly prepared information-rich seven article series with a kick in the ass*.

Oh. I know. I could love you and leave you with rah-rah shish boom bah type of inspiration. I could. But I am not going to be your one-woman cheer squad. Not today.

Today I’m going to just tell you like it is. And it’s like this… when the next motivational class is over, the next Twitter chat is done, and the next girls night out wine bottle is empty… you are still the owner of your small business. Just little old you. And as inspired as you are and as smart as you become, there are two hard truths you must face if you want to grow that fabulous business of yours!

First, there are NO “secrets” to success! 

If you want to win in your business, it’s all up to you. I passionately endorse your learning, hiring expert help, asking for assistance, joining networking groups and doing what you need to do to build up your arsenal of resources, get super focused and keep your mojo rolling. But in the end, it’s still YOU running your business. There is not one all-secret knowing entrepreneurial superhero who is actually going to do the work for you… so it’s up to you babe! You have to find your own wonder woman boots and fight through roadblocks, naysayers and what you don’t yet know to create your own secrets to success.

Second, there are EFFORTS to success!

Do you know the quote “find something you love to do and you’ll never have to work a day in your life”? While this has more than a grain of truth… heck, it holds a whole lot of truth that I believe in… it is NOT the whole truth. Maybe the whole truth is more like:

“Find something you love to do and you’ll want to work your tushy off every day of your life”


Because no matter how much you love your business idea and no matter how fantastic your ideas are and no matter how great your plan is and how fabulous your connections are… it IS still work. Hard work. With rollercoaster highs and lows that you have to muscle through. It takes more effort to stay on that rollercoaster no matter what, than jump off entirely and grab another ticket to freedom.

I prefer “plan the work and work the plan”. Plans. Work. Two words I love! Two words that inspire focused, goal-driven, get-from-point-A-to-point-B, no opportunity wasted EFFORT.

So here’s that kick in the ass. Are you putting all your effort in? And are you putting it in the right places? Have you hired experts to tell you what to do and are you doing it? As Equity Rich Women Online expert @ginabell says, don’t just do it, REALLY do it. If you are… you are discovering how to be the superhero in your business! AMAZING. Way to go! I really mean it. You are the one who will succeed.

If you are not putting superclear, goal-driven, focused effort in (yet) then you are… (ready for it?):

  • slowing your business down
  • wasting money
  • wasting your time
  • losing support of your fans, friends and family
  • missing out on the right opportunities

This does NOT mean you have to be all-in all the time. It does mean you have to be all in when you make the time. And when you make the time, it means you are putting in effort to your plan and only your plan so you are leveraging every ounce of your time, money, network, technology, knowledge and passion resources.

I have had clients who don’t want to make the effort. And if they don’t want to make the effort, then they aren’t ready to market their business. Maybe they aren’t ready to be in business. And if they aren’t ready to be in business, I’m not going let them spend their money hiring me. It won’t work. For them or for me. Instead, I have to ask the hard questions. Ask them of yourself.

  • “How bad do I really want this business?”
  • “Am I willing to do whatever it takes?”
  • “If I am not feeling I am willing, then what is the roadblock standing in my way?”

If it is a business or marketing roadblock, I can help you figure out exactly where the problem is and offer solutions myself or engage others who are experts in key resource areas to support that help. (My marketing mapping process is very tell-taling if this is where you are at).

If effort roadblocks are not obviously within your business approach, then you really need to sit back and evaluate how entrepreneurial you really are and if you’ve designed your business to be one you love, one you can build and one you can sustain. Sometimes effort roadblocks run deep. And therefore I recommend you seek some clarity on your personal brand with @steph_pollock (Try My Stand Out Brand free teleseminar August 17).

So here’s another hard truth. Today it’s MY truth. I’m having one of those days where I wonder if it’s worth the effort. I really am. (The irony of my article today is not lost on me) Why me? Well, my husband’s six-year software development contract is ending this month (we are a two parent entrepreneurial family), the unending pile of laundry is mocking me, I have more passion and focused-ideas than time, I lost my mojo in the bottom of the waterpark relaxing on vacation, and now I really just feel like becoming slothlike a bit longer and watch back to back Bachelor Pad episodes. Seriously.

But there is another truth. It is a truth that was planted as a little seed in my soul 18 months ago. And, I have a plan. I have a marketing map. I have sent the kids to grandma and grandpa’s house for a sleepover. I know how much time, money, network, knowledge and technology I do and don’t have. I am remembering there are people rooting for me and championing me (including myself). I know exactly what I need to do, why I am doing it and how I’m going to do (most) of it. I need to do it. I need to REALLY do it (remember – that’s from fabulously smart @ginabell). Soon. This week. Now.

Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment, full effort is full victory.

~Mahatma Gandhi

Hmm. I’m starting to feel better already. How are you feeling? I’ve just found my wonder woman boots and kicked myself in the *ass. Want one too?

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