How to Avoid Being Bamboozled By Marketing “Experts”

For the love of your business, ignore messages and Facebook “Suggested Posts” that feel like late night “As Seen On TV” (too good to be true) commercials.

My industry receives stuff like this, a Facebook Suggested Post that was on my wall:

“If you’re wanting to (1) get more high paying clients, (2) who pay you 10x what you’re charging right now, (3) WITHOUT having to “sell” anyone, (4) and WITHOUT ever having to do any 1-on-1 work ever again.”

This particular message has me STEAMING mad. Let me tell you why.

1) It’s a competitor! Yes, I see that some in my industry sign up for this stuff to learn, grow, etc, but it’s a competitor. I don’t need to see that in my stream. I’m not buying it.

2) Who never wants to do 1 to 1 client business again? Truly? And guess what, the scam that you can create a full time revenue stream without work, without clients, without sales has to end. Yes, some people have thriving businesses with online services or products and never take a client. But this is RARE. And it’s not always the best business model. Pause. Figure out what you need. And your unique solution can work for YOU!

Revealing A Very Disappointing Truth

Half of the marketing and business coaches you could hire don’t really want one to one client business. Honestly. Servicing clients is hard work. It’s emotional. It’s draining. Some coaches and experts want the grass is greener “one to many” cash flow… and that’s it. Many smart marketers are NOT in love with people. It’s not their fault I guess, but taking care of people, to help them with their business is a special gift you deserve.

I would be devastatingly unfilled and not sleep at night for my lack of ability to truly help in the way that only “one to one” or “one to few” can. A mixed offering of one to many and one to one is critical revenue streaming for most service-based businesses, in my professional opinion, and after struggling for two years to find my mojo, that’s what I know works for me and my community.

One to one client relationships are special and should be treated, priced and respected as such by both parties. But considered to be something “you will never have to do again”? What is this coach who wrote this, and then paid to create it into a Suggested Post, telling the world about what his industry thinks about YOU?

It says you are unimportant, you are not unique, you are a faceless cash cow in a herd of cattle.

How To Avoid Hiring Coaches or Experts Who Don’t Really Want You

  • Look for choices. Is there just one offer available to you to hire them? Do they give you a bread crumb trail as the only access to their personal services (opt in, sign up, do something, eventually you may get a semi-personal connection)?
  • Can you hire them for different levels of support at different price points?
  • Do they make you feel less smart than they are? Do they present themselves as better at business than you are? (hint: they are the same as you, they’ve just found their mojo in this one way)
  • Are they local? You can hire coaches or experts outside of your community, but it is exceedingly likely that the same expertise, with greater personal commitment, is available in your area.
  • Will they tell you their prices without having to opt in?
  • Are their prices really reasonable? Or do you have to talk yourself into spending the money… because they charge more than $200 per hour (and guess what, many coaches and experts are charging $500-$1000 per hour… you do NOT have to pay that much for the help you need).
  • Do they make you feel like they really give a damn about your business? Are they interested in a result for you that really makes a difference and can they truly show you the path from here to there?

I believe the best coaches and experts give clients a few solid choices at different price points but ALWAYS with the option of personal service if they require it and know they should pay for it.

You are not a cash cow to me or the reputable coaches and marketers I have worked FIVE YEARS to build relationships with. If not me, then ask me whom else you can trust that values you as a YOU, even if you are in a group program.

Rant Over. But Here’s More Insight to Expertise

So here’s the problem I have. If I spent my time telling you everything I teach will lead you to more sales (it does) I’d have a massive list and be just like so many in my industry. But the promise of getting you more sales is a promise I cannot keep without the mine-stepping and story weaving and marketing puzzle making that must occur between here and sales.

Sometimes all that good business growth stuff happens and leads to sales in a week. Sometimes it takes a year. Hopefully it takes around 3 months to kickstart, and grows steadily with some normal bumps and hurdles because growing 3 months at a time is attainable, sustainable, measurable. (My programs are affordable and kickstarter, the Accelerator, has rave reviews. It’s $325. It’s easy for you. It’s 2 hours and done.)

My industry peers who sell the idea of selling without selling are likely making a whole lot more cash than me. But maybe not. They are likely filling a whole lot of empty promises from free webinars that may lead to sales.

The truth is, when I started my business 5 years ago, I spent 2 painful years trying to figure out the one to many process. I even uttered the words “I never want a client again” — but not for cash flow reasons. Because I was FRUSTRATED with the  clients I had who were a very ill fit for me — partially because I didn’t have my programs and brand clear enough (yet – natural business process) for them (and I) to have a clear idea of a personal fit. This is NORMAL.

I was also in a space, when I said those so-not-true-now words, where I was watching others in my industry promote their businesses like that and I confess, I was in a “me too” space because I thought that’s what I was supposed to do. I fed into the system and drank the Kool Aid and then coached myself out of it and started coaching others out of it. And now, I have, what I said above, a healthy platform of one to many and one to one offerings that are starting to really gel for me AND my community. HALLELUJAH!

It matters very much you hire wisely and hire someone who really really gives a damn about YOU, your needs and your action-plan to get results.

Be cautious of ads like ones saying things like this:

“The Simplest, Most Profitable Business Model Ever Created For Helping Coaches & Consultants Generate $25K to $100K PER MONTH in 20 to 30 Hours a Week, with ONE Part-Time Assistant” (graphic: True Entrepreneurial Freedom: *Earn $100,000/month *Working 20 hours/week *With ONE part-time Assistant)

(Editor’s Note: the original version of this article had a graphic showcasing the statement. After publishing, the owner of the statement contacted me to share that he in fact does care about his clients, and described his business model. I respectfully still find this kind of advertising harmful to small business mindset and belief systems, and probably sends most down a breadcrumb trail. However, in fairness I’ve removed the image and have invited the person the opportunity to share his model and compassion for clients on this blog for you. This could be a healthy win-win dialogue! Stay tuned.)

If you are keen to hire the shiny stars online, go for it! They do have amazing group programs (I recommend getting your eyes and ears on all the “free offers” you can manage). But I’m sharing this because you or someone just like you has spent $10,000 or more (or less) trying to get the help they need, without any outcomes for the investment. It’s a time and money waster. I know this as much as I know I’ve been in the client service business for 20 years.

My request of you? Don’t keep your experiences and mistakes hiring to yourself. You need to save your business peers. It feels shameful to make mistakes in business, but it’s not! It’s part of learning and growth. Just don’t keep your epic investments in time wasters to yourself. Save a friend. It’s cathartic for you to share.

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