Honey, Wanting It Just Isn’t Good Enough

I am a queen of “to do” lists, desiring success, creating the plans to get there… but even I have to cross the gap between wanting it and getting it! That takes action. That takes hard work.

Wanting It Is Just Not Good Enough

I bet you are a hard worker like me. I bet that’s not the problem at all.

I bet you have a to do list all ready to roll! Every day. A big one.

I bet you are even smart! (Yep, you are.)

So What’s Your Problem?

Your problem is everyone’s problem (seriously, not trying to insult you here) is the that a To Do List is not a plan nor is it an action step.

The To Do List is actually the bane of your potentially successful existence. It has to be transformed beyond that.

You see, you can’t just want success. You have to create it.

Let’s Map Out “Wanting” Into “Doing”

I’m going to use the “Write Blog Post” item on my to do list as an example of how transform that “want” into “do.”

(And here’s another transparent moment – you’ll see and read my business motivation for blogging this month, but how I craft what I need with what I believe is also helpful for you in the process. Gotta love transparency right?!)

  1. Review goals. What are you trying to achieve in the next 4-6 weeks? What does the next milestone in your business look like?
  2. Reflect on the audience you need to talk to you in order to meet those goals. What do they need to hear from you to feel inspired, motivated or activated?
  3. Brainstorm (on paper) 3-5 ideas that supports the goal and would be meaningful to the audience.
  4. Pick the idea you think has the most “meat” to it for your audience. Which idea has a compelling story, a great “how to”, an interesting “top 10 list”, a controversial conversation, a hot topic.
  5. Write the content that matters to your audience first – this is the middle content (your how to, list, compelling story).
  6. Write your lead-in next… this is the compelling first line that sparks attention and makes them want to read more. Make it a true motivator — tell they why they MUST read this blog post in order to DO something. (ie. By uncovering easy ways to craft a sentence, you’ll be able to inspire your audience to want more of what you’ve got!)
  7. Write a connector paragraph between the lead-in and “middle” content you already wrote. This should be funny, emotional, heartfelt, personal or just plain smart. Either way, infuse your voice, passion and conviction of the topic into this one paragraph. This paragraph screams who you are to that audience and why this post matters so much.
  8. Write a conclusion that wraps up the key points. It can include links to other articles you’ve written to support the point, it can include links to programs or events you are selling to support the idea.
  9. Create a call to action. (Or more than one) Tell the audience what you want them to do with this information – for themselves (something you want them to do for them) and for you (buy, share, comment, etc)

There are many ways to write a blog post. And one idea can be the foundation of a campaign, a series or an ongoing theme or discussion on your blog.

This is just one example. And again, that example is to showcase how ONE to do list item is actually the sum of many action oriented parts.

It’s simply not good enough to want to do something.

You need to REALLY want it enough to learn how to do it well enough to transform your business.

If blogging for business is on your radar I’m imploring you (literally) to attend the Blog to Business Revolution Retreat on October 6, just a short drive from Calgary in the beautiful Foothills. It’s one full day of food, fun and learning with incredibly notable and knowledgable Calgary bloggers as experts! And it includes some flip charts, markers and mapping out a full year of blogging customized to YOUR business. Seriously. Isn’t that amazing? Wouldn’t that just take a load off your shoulders? Read more here: Blog to Business Retreat.

Have questions about the retreat? Let me know at kim@mpoweredmarketing.com

Have an example of a “to do” list item that can be inspired into an action plan? Share it here for my readers:

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