Urgent: Heartbleed Internet Bug Has Affected You!

Keep Calm& rePassword OnI’m hoping by now you have heard about the Heartbleed Internet Bug and are making your preparations.

This isn’t Vegas (I wish) but I’m guessing the odds are about 99% you HAVE been affected… but not you if you are in the 1% who never entered a password on line because you thought something like this would happen one day. Touche!

So for the rest of us, the way it impacts you is that a website, or 10 or 100, that you use is currently back-pedalling to fix the open backend of the “SSL encryption” that supposedly keeps our data (like credit cards) safe.

For example, Gmail, Facebook, Dropbox and Eventbrite have all confirmed their services may be impacted. This relates to my business. How about yours?

The list of “possible” websites impacted grows. So please take time to stay up to date. The most comprehensive I’ve found, and will likely continue to be so, will be on Mashable. They have a list of impacted websites AND look like they’ll be keeping it up to date as to who is in testing and who has fixed the issue.

Here’s the Mashable link: http://mashable.com/2014/04/09/heartbleed-bug-websites-affected/

But… don’t be ALARMIST! There is no need to panic. The sky is NOT falling. There is NO evidence that any website has actually been compromised. There is just no evidence they haven’t.

So, it is urgently advised you change your passwords… the question is when… and how many times.

If you change your passwords today, because that’s your comfort level, be advised that you will want to change them again AFTER your website provider has let you know their backend security is finished being updated.

What I will be doing:

  • Financial accounts have been changed already. And will change again after the Heartbleed Bug is dealt with. (And keeping an eye on my bank accounts… just in case, ya know).
  • All other sites will be updated with new passwords after the Heartbleed Bug is dealth with.
  • Avoiding logging into websites known to be impacted until they’ve made their updates.
  • Following Hashtag #Heartbleed on Twitter.
  • Take a breather on getting your taxes done. Canada Revenue Agency is officially now behind.

Knowledge is power. At the very least get informed of how this specifically impacts you, make a list of websites you use, and make a plan to change your passwords.

A list of other resources:

Hope you find this useful! Good luck. Remember to stay informed.

Keep calm and re-password on!

If you have other links that are valuable or other insights, please share!

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