GIY Marketing Academy Launches – Get Schooled in Media & Your Money

I know you are making decisions by yourself in your business every day… that you can’t afford to invite ALL the experts into your team you’d like.

It’s time to find another way! And here it is.

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While online marketing is an exceptional way to grow many businesses, as long as your customers read magazines, drive cars and keep asking you out for coffee in the real world… you need to learn old school marketing too.

Join the Academy and learn the possibilities, purpose, pros and cons of traditional marketing choices  and how they fit both your “offline” and “online” business activities.

Join the pilot launch of this program NOW for only $279
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Get this pilot project price now solely in exchange for your feedback (and a testimonial if you are happy with what you receive)… this price will never be seen again. After May 16th the Academy + IAMPTE membership will be $778.

GIY Marketing Academy Overview:

  • bonus before you begin: S.M.A.R.T.E.R. W.O.M.E.N. goal setting e-coaching – 1 email exchange to help ensure you have appropriate goals set to create the right marketing mindset for the program 
  • 10 classes (live + recordings so you can learn at your pace) in a 2 part curriculum running May-July�
    • each class runs 45 minutes and leaves scheduled time to ask questions after the formal class is complete
  • 1 workbook or handout per class to use as homework
  • access to a private forum to ask questions and personalize your learning with coaching from Kim Page Gluckie and discussion from classmates
  • supplementary marketing consultation/mentoring is available with this program – email for current discounted packages for IAMPTE members
  • a fun GIY Marketing Academy certificate of completion — you will earn the right to be the Chief Marketing Guru in your business after being in the Academy!

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GIY Marketing Academy Curriculum:

Part 1 – Setting the Stage for Marketing Mindset

  • Class 1: Online, Offline or Both – Deciding Where To Market Your Business
  • Class 2: Getting a Revenue Model Mindset
  • Class 3: Awareness vs Response Marketing & Media Fundamentals

Part 2 – Getting the Meaty Marketing & Media Knowledge

  • Class 4: Purpose, Possibilities, Pros & Cons – Newspapers, Magazines & Other Print Advertising
  • Class 5: Purpose, Possibilities, Pros & Cons – Direct Marketing, Mail & Printed Materials
  • Class 6: Purpose, Possibilities, Pros & Cons – Newspapers, Magazines & Other Print Advertising
  • Class 7: Purpose, Possibilities, Pros & Cons – Broadcast – TV, Radio & Other Airwaves
  • Class 8: Purpose, Possibilities, Pros & Cons – Online Options – Google, Facebook, Banners & More
  • Class 9: Making a Marketing Campaign On Any Budget
  • Class 10: Open Discussion, Review, New Ideas

Class dates are tentatively set for 1:30 p.m. MST on the following dates: May 16, May 31, June 7, June 14, June 21, June 28, July 5 (7:30 p.m. MST), July 12, July 19, July 26. Subject to change. Notice will be provided. Recordings are available same day as classes run if you can’t make the live class.

Listen to the preview call recording and:

  • Learn how I successfully grow my small businesses on very part-time hours from lessons learned in how I grew other very small businesses into million dollar companies! (And how you can too!)
  • I’ll teach you my intuitive & heart-based checklist around GOAL SETTING (yawn) that will shift you from “can I do this?” to “I CAN DO THIS!”… (yay!)
  • And then I tell you what the Academy is all about (or you can read it below)!
    (note: content is great on the call, but recording has weird clicking at times… no, it’s not just you!)

No matter how limited you feel your time and money are, whether you have a hobby that you think can turn into a business, whether you are ready to retire with a passionate business pursuit, whether you have a seed of an idea that you want to grow into booming business…
don’t get started… or keep going… without this information!

Taking this first step can save you thousands of wasted dollars and hours!

Don’t believe me? You don’t have to.
My clients have told me they wished they found me and my knowledge sooner!
And you get to discover what they now know before you make any(more) expensive and time wasting mistakes.

 No ’secrets to success’ here… just some exceptionally well-focused use of the resources you already have!

Only $279: GIY Marketing Academy + Bonus> IAMPTE Membership!

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