Getting Over Fear: My First Video Blog

Yep, I can own it. I had a fear of vlogging (video blogging). My reasons aren’t all that deep, but they are my reasons. I’ve held on to them for a full year. Creating a video blog was a goal for 2011 and I let fear and excuses from fear stop me. But no longer!

As I’m about to head north to Edmonton to speak at BlogWest 2012 about Overcoming Fear in Blogging, I decided I’d put myself in the position of my audience and embrace my fears in mental preparation. I’m empathetic by nature. Now I’m empathetic in practice!

In this, my first video blog (yeah, I might say that yet again in this post), I have jumped in – no editing, just raw and real me.

6 Steps To Consider to Move Past Your Fear

What really prompted this video was my 8 year old gymnast daughter. At almost 9, she is a soon-to-be provincial gymnast after 4 years of training. She has little fear in life.

This past weekend she had a dramatic fall off the balance beam. The image of her inverted almost in a full back bridge and her hands missing the beam, is imprinted on my brain. After she fell, head towards the ground, in a mock competition last weekend, she got back on the beam (she managed to escape with a mat burn on her shoulder). She didn’t do her bridge again (she did a cartwheel instead – the drama watching her wipe her tears through it all is another story) but she did her routine and then completed her other 3 elements with confidence and a smile on her face, She is a brilliant example of quickly moving PAST fear onto the fun.

When I was 9 I couldn’t do it. I didn’t do it. I quit gymnastics when I was 10 BECAUSE I had to do a cartwheel on the beam. I had fear that I didn’t even bother trying to overcome.

So I had to ask her how she does it.

How My 8 Year Old Overcomes Fear

I don’t listen to my brain, I listen to my heart.

~ YaYa (nickname) Gluckie

One of my best friends has encouraged me to lead with my heart, not my head, more in my life too.

I get it. I’m learning how. I vlogged today because it was in my heart. xo

Would love some sharing below – would help encourage a second vlog from me! I probably don’t need to encourage my daughter. What fear will you overcome? What methods will you use to face it and act beyond it?

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