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To grow, you need grit

If you are hoping to dig a little deeper into your marketing and find your grit to grow on your own, these free resources from my vault should help! This is a collection of incredibly useful supplementary materials from in-person and online workshops and presentations over the course of my career. I invite you to access them all for free without download, so you can find your grit and get growing.

Unless you adore marketing (like I do) or have a finesse for the art & science yourself, I suspect at some point you will find value in some deeper grit growing with some solid marketing mapping, profitability and sales strategy development and, let’s face it, clearing of the cobwebs on old ideas and filter through your millions of “I coulds”. If you need more assistance (because hey, we all know finding grit to grow solo is hard) I invite you to discover how you can work with me via Skype, in person or by phone.

Here’s The Free Grit:

Blog. Brand. Boom. – 4 pillars of blogging to help you understand why blogging is so important for small business success

What Worked, What Didn’t Tracking Tool – Some strategies work, some don’t. Nimble business owners understand how to take what has worked and repeat it, while tweaking or ditching the things that didn’t. This simple tracking tool lets you do the W3D analysis like a pro!

Brand Personality Quiz – Brands, like people, have unique personalities. Use this framework and quiz yourself as to what your brand personality would be, if it were a person. Hint: for many solo-preneurs, that person is you!

Brand Champion Checklist – The fastest way to success is to get your super fans and champions behind you, to build momentum and word of mouth marketing. Do you know who your champions are? They are often beyond the obvious friends and family – dig deep and record those who love you best, and ask them to help you grow. Because they will. Because they love what you stand for and do.

Building a Brand Framework – Brand-building takes a long time, but having a sensibility of what a brand truly is, a guiding framework, will help you stay the course for brand growth. Discover a simple framework plus 9 Killer Ways to Kill a Brand.

Measuring and Evaluating Success – Actually tracking success is difficult. Beyond profitability and growth of customers, there are dozens of markers of growth in your business you can pay attention to that are beacons in lighting the path in your success.

Web Content Template – Just starting out? Starting a new website? Gathering together all the content required to build a robust site is daunting. Even if you hire a writer to do the work, the truth is that it’s YOUR business and you have to do some of the work. So squirrel away and get it done. Use this checklist to help you guide writing the content you need.

Social Media Profile Quick List – Every platform in social has a different requirement for amount of words allowed in portraying your business description. Not only that, some have a different tone required too! Use this quick list to write your profiles with greater ease.