For The Love of Your Customer, Get Mobile Marketing!

Your customers are on devices… are you catering to their basic needs?

The truth is, just as we finally started to feel competent in social media and email marketing (if we are even there yet), we are slipping behind… AGAIN!

But another truth is, if you pick up on this one trend and enact some simple, affordable strategies now… you’ll be (get this)… a TECHNOLOGY LEADER IN YOUR INDUSTRY. Yes, you! WOOT!

Mobile marketing is required… your customers are breaking up with you without it.

I prefer inspiring, not fear-mongering, but the truth is your existing and future customers are going somewhere else if you are not morphing your business into pretty and functional websites, sales pages and strategies that work seamlessly on tablets and smartphones, according to my incredibly knowledgable expert mobile marketing friend, Pam Lehr of Go Mobile Media Marketing.

I believe mobile marketing is particularly important if you are a local retailer. Being social, local AND mobile is your critical strategy to figure out. But it’s not just “in real life” businesses, or even retail-based businesses impacted, it is EVERYONE!

I’m still learning… learn with me!

Over the next several months I’ll be exploring, creating and installing some mobile solutions… because I know it’s time.

From a mobile-friendly website to mobile-friendly email campaigns, I’m learning why it’s critical and how to do it!

From leveraging the arsenal of blog content we’ve created into mobile environments, I’m doing that too!

I believe this is so important, I’ve asked Pam (mentioned above) to be my guest at the next Blog for Business Retreat. It’s an advanced class… meaning if you have a semblance of a blog content strategy in place that includes a vision of how your content is married to your marketing… you are ready!

Join Us!

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What’s On Your Mobile Marketing To-Do List?

Here’s mine:

  • Build a mobile-friendly website.
  • Make sure my mobile-friendly emails actually are.
  • Fall in love with QR codes again.
  • Continue my joy of texting my clients!

What say you about mobile marketing? Are you joining us on February 23? Comment below:

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