Entrepreneurial See-Saw: Indecision vs. Snap-Decisions for Business Success

Today I’m reflecting on entrepreneurial decision-making and the significant opportunity we have as solopreneurs to have a straight path from “I don’t know” to “yes” or “no”. We have no limitations, roadblocks, hierarchy, political minefields, or unknowns that are affected by anyone other than ourselves. There are only two types of decision choices for us: indecision or snap-decision.Indecision is a choice… it is the “I don’t know” that requires further investigation, instinctive discovery, or roadblock navigating. Indecision can come from fear of risk-taking or the unknown. It can come from having great opportunities presented at the wrong time. It can come from lack of knowledge or information to form an instinctive response. But whatever causes indecision, this doesn’t just happen to you, it is a choice you have made to NOT decide.

Don’t stay too long on the indecision see-saw:

  • can cause missed opportunities
  • slows momentum which can stop business growth & your own motivation
  • can cost you money when engaging expert help
  • can be agonizing and ongoing… for you and those around you
  • can be an escapist attitude which means you are copping out on your own business
  • stretches out changes that could be made for unnecessarily extended periods of time
  • affects your credibility if you stay on this see-saw too long

Snap-decisions are the instinctive entrepreneur’s best friend! Many happy and/or successful solopreneurs are perceived to be ‘lucky’. But the truth is, they are able to be decision-makers. Often they make decisions without endless insight, advisors and research. But these are not random decisions; they are built on a combined set of: instincts, information and experience. They have a plan, they can work a plan, they know that plans can succeed or fail – and they are willing to flex to the outcome. There is a process of thinking between being undecided and making that final decision, but in the end, a good entrepreneur doesn’t waffle… they just decide “yes” or “no”. And while there are a multitude of complexities going into a decision, it is still a snap-decision when finally made.

Consider riding it out on the snap-decision see-saw:

  • quick decision-making based on good instincts and information can build a steady, solid momentum and invite opportunity
  • more snap-decisions can be made if metrics, benchmarks, tracking & processes are managed for evaluation after the first decision is made
  • opportunity or required change becomes clearer after a decision than when in indecision mode
  • mistakes can only be made when decisions are made, and we recover from mistakes by making new decisions… the perpetuating opportunity of entrepreneurs
  • commitment feels better than uncertainty

Entrepreneurship has its ups and downs. It’s the ride that causes the thrills, spills, bumps… and fun! We have a multitude of choices to design our business. And we have exponentially more choices to make in order to succeed. But in the end, we either make a decision or we don’t make a decision.

The cost of indecision is greater than making any decision, even if it’s the wrong one. For even wrong decisions provide more insight and opportunity for business growth than making no decision at all. Go forth and commit to something new! It feels good. Tell me about the snap-decisions you are making by leaving a comment.



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