Digging Deep

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There is no doubt, being a human being is hard work some days (some years). But, to my surprise, I’ve discovered having things be ‘hard’ is actually pretty easy once you realize it is part of the process of life.

But having life ‘be hard’ is not the goal, it just sometimes the path. And our perspective on that path.

There is no doubt, the past few years have been both the most joyous and fulfilling years of my life while being equally the hardest and most worrisome. This is not going to change in short order. The only thing I can change (continually) is how I perceive myself on this journey and how I project myself forward.

I have been at odds with myself for significant parts of the past four years over how I approach life.

I was raised that hard work makes us humble, human and appreciative of what we have. I believe this is a core value and I am grateful for this grounding.

What I missed in my processing of life along the way, however, is that we are here to also actually find joy, happiness and simple paths to pleasures.

So for four years I have been digging deep. Into myself. To understand how to feel great. All the time.

In the process of digging for my happiness, I have been going through a trial of feeling discontent, outrage, uncertainty and feeling lost.

And all those feelings have been GOOD for me. It means I am not settling for the path of least resistance. Because the hard work I need to do is not in my job or family life, it is within myself. It is a process.

I have learned to be comfortable being uncomfortable, for a period of time until I find the deeper joy in my soul that matches my day to day gratitude and happiness as a mom, in my family and in my work I do with clients and in workshops.

I am digging deep. I am not taking the path of least resistance. I am healing old hurts instead of licking my wounds. I am taking charge of myself and allowing myself to dream constantly. My grounding in humble hard work allows me to be nimble to how I approach life. I am digging deep to approach life with happiness no matter what.

Does this resonate with you?


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