Dare to Share Campaign Launches

There is so much great “content” that you discover on social media. Whether you spend your time on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube or another, you are there discovering interesting, informative, educational, entertaining or revolutionary “stuff” all the time.

How do you respond to what you see? Do you tell others about it. Ever find yourself saying things like “You should read this blog about bullying I read this morning. It was awesome!” or “I came across a video on Facebook that I think would really help your business.”

Today I dare you to share better. It’s SO easy. It’s literally a click of the RIGHT button.

I notice a whole lot of generous “liking” on Facebook and “replying” on Twitter these days. Even lots of cool comments.

But for small business people and advocates for social change, there is one easy step that REALLY would make the world of difference to our causes. It is as easy liking. It is simply hitting the “share” button or “retweet” button or “repin” button as well or instead.

Why does this matter? Because your followers and fans immediately can see what it is you “like” enough to “share”. Instead of talking about it, you put it out there for YOUR fans to see. This benefits you too. Caring and sharing is a statement of who you are and it reflects on your personal or business brand when you showcase work or causes you believe in. It shows you care even more for the people, projects and ideas that you normally would just “like” or comment.

I realize that sharing is not always possible (smartphones don’t make it easy on Facebook). I also realize you are concerned about spamming your fans and selfishly, about your own messages getting lost in the feed. And this is valid. I’m not asking you to put your business or causes or voice on the backseat. I’m just asking you to do more sharing than you already do. It’s so easy. And it makes such a big difference.

Dare to share!

If you want to be part of this campaign, it’s simple. Here are some ideas:

  1. Right click and save the image in this blog and put it on your own blog post.
  2. Add the image to your website with a link to this article.
  3. Pin It the image (which then pins this article or your own) to Pinterest.
  4. Use the social media buttons below to share it forward.
  5. Share. Share. Share. If you find yourself hitting the like button or reply button, hit the one that shares it with your community as well or instead (RT for retweet on Twitter, share on Facebook, repin on Pinterest, etcetera)

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