Congratulations Facebook on 10 Years!

facebook_500x500Love Facebook, hate Facebook, don’t get Facebook, fear Facebook?

No matter how you feel about Facebook, it has changed the nature of communication forever. Further, for better AND worse, changed the way we live forever. Our tether to our devices has grown in this time (for worse, in my opinion). But so has our tether to honesty, truth and support when we need it most (for better… and I’m so grateful).

What once started as a place for MySpace haters to move (ie. teens and 20somethings), it is now the broadest reaching platform, with barely a demographic profile. Women, 35+ have largely adopted Facebook as the online home for sharing – sharing business, ideas, kids, accomplishments, complaints, concerns. So much so, that the original audience is leaving. And hey, that’s okay. Because in all things social, things change.

As I reflect on my 5 years on Facebook, and Facebook celebrates 10 years since Mark Zuckerberg shook things up, I acknowledge how significant Facebook has been in my personal and professional growth. I appreciate the direct impacts on my business growth and the opportunities to create a business model that benefits customer connection and customer service, allowing me to live my life in the suburbs, hang out with my kids and create good stuff for my clients… online.

Facebook fuels lots of contempt for how it operates and how its maddening changes affect us. But in the end, we must realize Facebook has been a gift to women running business (when we remember to manage our time and not follow the squirrels).

So Dear Facebook, thank you! Not sure what the next 10 years look like but that impact on my past 5 years has been significant and valued.


How has Facebook impacted your life and your business, for better and/or for worse?

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