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A Process: Review. Repeat. Reject. Refresh.

This is an anti-New Year resolution post. I am not typically a rebel, but I absolutely hate being told what to do and when (ask my husband, or my mom, or my sisters). I firmly believe you can only succeed…

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Opportunities: Letting Go & Saying No

It’s so easy to say YES YES YES to every paid opportunity that falls in your lap. It’s so hard to say no. But sometimes, you have to.

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Business Productivity: When It’s Okay to Drop the Ball

On Monday, I posted I was going to hit the ground running hard, one day back from vacation and I was going to be on fire. What really happened though, is my business productivity slowly took a nose dive throughout the week. And I’m SO okay with that. Here’s why I am so cool with myself for doing this, and when it’s okay for you to do the same.

When It’s Okay to Drop the Business Productivity Ball:

-When you need to sleep or rest
-When you feel a cold coming on
-When you feel a major shift coming on
-When you have big business growth opportunities to attend to
-When you choose self care over client care for once
-When you are doing something you truly LOVE so you can truly experience its impact on you
-When the kids have to come first

IF you do not pause the uber-productivity for the reasons above, you will:

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