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Stupidly Loyal (& The Art of Quitting Well)

Stupidly loyal. These are two words I have assigned to myself my whole life. I am a deeply loyal person and value this quality in others. However, at times I believe loyalty interferes with happiness. And this leads to being…

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business woman enjoying taking a break

Digging Deep

There is no doubt, being a human being is hard work some days (some years). But, to my surprise, I’ve discovered having things be ‘hard’ is actually pretty easy once you realize it is part of the process of life….

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Mental Health Week: Is It Just The Small Business Blues?

For every mental health week or #BellLetsTalk day, for EVERY day, I encourage you to face up to how you really feel while running your awesome business. If you are like one of the 121 million people world-wide diagnosed (remember…

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