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Dear Business Owner: Facebook Spoiled You

You are a squatter. If you are not paying to be seen on Facebook, good for you, but you are living rent free. This means less control over who sees what you post and share. It means you have to…

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Seven Savvy Steps to Finally Act Like a Small Business Marketing Pro (Even When You Aren’t)

Here is a purposeful list of small business marketing actions you should consider taking in 2016 if you actually want to grow that business of yours… in spite of the economic climate. This list will help you navigate the tricky waters of…

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Are You a Word Hoarder?

What holds you back in business the most? Fear? Lack of confidence? Indecisiveness? Overwhelm? The reasons we don’t push forward are complex to resolve at times, but naming the problem and the reason is one of the clearest paths to…

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Crowdfunding for Small Business is So Awesome!

Have you caught up to the latest trend for financing your small, or huge, project? Crowdfunding has been around for, well forever, probably. It’s an obvious solution for small businesses to consider when seeking funds. How to Choose from Over…

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Out of the Pile and Into an Email Marketing List!

If you tell me your customer leads are in a pile of business cards or in your head or on sticky notes or even in Outlook or Excel, the very first piece of marketing advice I will give you is to “get them into a list” in an email marketing tool.

If the people you have met have indicated they would like more information from you, and you haven’t added them to a formal tool designed to help you communicate for your business, you are missing the opportunity to grow the relationships that secure your long term business growth.

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The Judgement Stops Here. It Stops With You.

I wrote a rant on my Facebook wall today. I don’t normally rant. I’m more of a get-pissed-off and stew on it for awhile or find a solution and get over it eventually kind of person. But today I shall rant knowing that influencing at least one person to do better (I suspect that person is me) will be worth the extra energy in my words today. I’m ranting about judgement.

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How to Avoid Being Bamboozled By Marketing “Experts”

For the love of your business, ignore messages and Facebook “Suggested Posts” that feel like late night “As Seen On TV” (too good to be true) commercials.

My industry receives stuff like this, a Facebook Suggested Post that was on my wall:

“If you’re wanting to (1) get more high paying clients, (2) who pay you 10x what you’re charging right now, (3) WITHOUT having to “sell” anyone, (4) and WITHOUT ever having to do any 1-on-1 work ever again.”

This particular message has me STEAMING mad. Let me tell you why.

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Lessons from the Road: Giving Great Customer Service

I had a shockingly great customer service experience recently. I mean, it was a “they were going to give my business away to serve me better” good experience. Learn more about what toasted marshmallows have to do with exceptional customer service.

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