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Rebranding: Leave It For the Professionals

I’ve been involved in rebranding multimillion dollar companies and low marketing budgeted solopreneurs like yourself. It’s tricky and it’s fun.

I know watching a rebrand is like seeing a BNSO (bright new shiny object). You will want one too! But wait.

Rebranding is risky.

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Can Your Brand Voice be Vulnerable?

I’ve had several client conversations lately around finding “the line” in business conversations between professional and personal. A question I’m asked frequently is “how personal do I have to be?” The truth is, you exist, therefore everything you do IS personal….

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How to Avoid Being Bamboozled By Marketing “Experts”

For the love of your business, ignore messages and Facebook “Suggested Posts” that feel like late night “As Seen On TV” (too good to be true) commercials.

My industry receives stuff like this, a Facebook Suggested Post that was on my wall:

“If you’re wanting to (1) get more high paying clients, (2) who pay you 10x what you’re charging right now, (3) WITHOUT having to “sell” anyone, (4) and WITHOUT ever having to do any 1-on-1 work ever again.”

This particular message has me STEAMING mad. Let me tell you why.

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Wants vs Needs: The Battle For Your Consumer’s Dollar

If you are a fan of Madmen, check the antiquated ideals of advertising at the door before reading this post. Modern marketing methods are SO different from what you see profiled on tv, that your business will FAIL if you don’t understand one critical concept of the Wants vs Needs in the battle for the consumer dollar.

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Customers & Fans: Love The Ones You are With First

We are in a blog-eat-blog, my-small-business-has-more-fans than your small business mindset these days. And to that I say, who cares! What you do have to care about is loving the fans and customers you already have, first. Learn how to love the ones your with.

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Online Marketing Myths Exposed

Catchy title, huh? And that’s lesson number 1. Anyone who can evoke excitement and create a bit of discomfort in how you do your business can catch your attention. They had you at “exposed”. Online marketing myths – it’s about…

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Twitter Debate: What’s In A Name?

Do you use your personal name in social media like Twitter? Because I say you should in nearly all circumstances. There is a bit of a debate about this. Die hard Twitter users, those who’ve been there since the inception,…

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Dare to Share Campaign Launches

There is so much great “content” that you discover on social media. Whether you spend your time on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube or another, you are there discovering interesting, informative, educational, entertaining or revolutionary “stuff” all the time….

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