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On Anxiety & Aspirations

Dear business owner. Dear parent business owner. Dear business owner who has ever had life throw lemons. The shine wears off that business at times and it feels more ‘job’ than rejuvenating. The time marches on and you feel stuck…

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5 Ways to Get Your Reader to Give a Damn

One of the beautiful benefits of being a person who lives in the social world is that the world is your oyster when it comes to speaking your mind. You have the opportunity to share your stories, your ideas, your…

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Stupidly Loyal (& The Art of Quitting Well)

Stupidly loyal. These are two words I have assigned to myself my whole life. I am a deeply loyal person and value this quality in others. However, at times I believe loyalty interferes with happiness. And this leads to being…

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To Be An Expert: It’s About Time

Expert. This is a word to embrace while also being cautious about using too casually. The truth is, how many of us truly rise to expert status in anything. The answer lies in how you define that word. What does…

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Radical Self-Acceptance Starts Here

For the past few years I’ve been wrestling with the ideas connected with the constant yearning we all have to be “better” than we already are. Better. Thinner. Smarter. Happier. Healthier. Wealthier. Cleaner. Faster. Savvier. Sexier. Better. Than. Who? This…

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The Value of Taking Centre Stage in Business

I recently participated in a photoshoot for my own company. I was really uncomfortable with putting myself as the centre of attention for a few hours. But aren’t we all a little squeamish with being the focus in our business at times?

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How to Avoid Being Bamboozled By Marketing “Experts”

For the love of your business, ignore messages and Facebook “Suggested Posts” that feel like late night “As Seen On TV” (too good to be true) commercials.

My industry receives stuff like this, a Facebook Suggested Post that was on my wall:

“If you’re wanting to (1) get more high paying clients, (2) who pay you 10x what you’re charging right now, (3) WITHOUT having to “sell” anyone, (4) and WITHOUT ever having to do any 1-on-1 work ever again.”

This particular message has me STEAMING mad. Let me tell you why.

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Business Productivity: When It’s Okay to Drop the Ball

On Monday, I posted I was going to hit the ground running hard, one day back from vacation and I was going to be on fire. What really happened though, is my business productivity slowly took a nose dive throughout the week. And I’m SO okay with that. Here’s why I am so cool with myself for doing this, and when it’s okay for you to do the same.

When It’s Okay to Drop the Business Productivity Ball:

-When you need to sleep or rest
-When you feel a cold coming on
-When you feel a major shift coming on
-When you have big business growth opportunities to attend to
-When you choose self care over client care for once
-When you are doing something you truly LOVE so you can truly experience its impact on you
-When the kids have to come first

IF you do not pause the uber-productivity for the reasons above, you will:

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