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5 Ways to Get Your Reader to Give a Damn

One of the beautiful benefits of being a person who lives in the social world is that the world is your oyster when it comes to speaking your mind. You have the opportunity to share your stories, your ideas, your…

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The One Reason You Need to Use Email Marketing

You know, I hear you. Email marketing feels like an extra bit to your business toolkit that is just easier to ignore, avoid or hide. Why? Perhaps you have fear of spamming your fans. Perhaps you have fear you have…

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Get Over Your (Lazy) Self: Proper Email Marketing Is Essential Now

… not only is it essential to have an email marketing strategy (even a simple one), … it is essential to get it set up right, with an opt-in process and compliance standards that don’t get you in hot water…

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Urgent: Heartbleed Internet Bug Has Affected You!

I’m hoping by now you have heard about the Heartbleed Internet Bug and are making your preparations. This isn’t Vegas (I wish) but I’m guessing the odds are about 99% you HAVE been affected… but not you if you are in the 1% who…

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Out of the Pile and Into an Email Marketing List!

If you tell me your customer leads are in a pile of business cards or in your head or on sticky notes or even in Outlook or Excel, the very first piece of marketing advice I will give you is to “get them into a list” in an email marketing tool.

If the people you have met have indicated they would like more information from you, and you haven’t added them to a formal tool designed to help you communicate for your business, you are missing the opportunity to grow the relationships that secure your long term business growth.

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