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Wants vs Needs: The Battle For Your Consumer’s Dollar

If you are a fan of Madmen, check the antiquated ideals of advertising at the door before reading this post. Modern marketing methods are SO different from what you see profiled on tv, that your business will FAIL if you don’t understand one critical concept of the Wants vs Needs in the battle for the consumer dollar.

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To Be or Not To Be: Personal On Your Business Blog

Yeah yeah. All the rage in blogging is being “authentic”, telling your truth, sharing your voice. These are the buzz words for the decade for sure! And they are also wise advice for every business – for within these over-buzzed…

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How A Strong Business Rolls When Life Rolls Over You

Never since my last kiddo was out of diapers (nearly 3 years ago) have I parented so much and worked so little as I did in the past 10 days. Yet, in spite of dropping my client load and cancelling…

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The Bottom Line, The Deadline & Crossing The Line

I am a full-time parent, a sometimes employee and a part-time entrepreneur and have been for the past 5 years. I am also a wife, friend, daughter, granddaughter, golfer, photographer, book reader, and more. I wear many hats. Just like you. When it comes…

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Life Has Lemons. Embrace Plan B.

Well I last left you with the wheel falling off… proverbially and literally… which made for a pretty rude awakening on what it REALLY takes to keep a part-time entrepreneurial business going. But when life hands you lemons, it is handing…

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