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Post-Olympic Blues Prescription: Go get your own podium!

Monday Morning Marketer Congrats Canada! I am one among millions who have unpeeled my reserve and stood in naked Canadian glory… unashamed to claim both my national pride and my ‘go for it’ attitude. I am thrilled Canadian athletes, spectators,…

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Be bold! Humility is dangerous to your business’ health.

Monday Morning Marketer Being unique is quite easy. Expressing how unique you or your business are is a whole other matter. Why is it so hard? If we think of ourselves, not our businesses for a minute, we know at…

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Hungry Hippo Helps you Understand Competitors

Monday Morning Marketer As I enjoyed an aggressive, fast-paced game of Hungry Hippo with my two year old, it dawned on me that there are some pretty significant business lessons to be gained from this game.

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