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Rebranding: Leave It For the Professionals

I’ve been involved in rebranding multimillion dollar companies and low marketing budgeted solopreneurs like yourself. It’s tricky and it’s fun.

I know watching a rebrand is like seeing a BNSO (bright new shiny object). You will want one too! But wait.

Rebranding is risky.

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Out of the Pile and Into an Email Marketing List!

If you tell me your customer leads are in a pile of business cards or in your head or on sticky notes or even in Outlook or Excel, the very first piece of marketing advice I will give you is to “get them into a list” in an email marketing tool.

If the people you have met have indicated they would like more information from you, and you haven’t added them to a formal tool designed to help you communicate for your business, you are missing the opportunity to grow the relationships that secure your long term business growth.

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Can Your Brand Voice be Vulnerable?

I’ve had several client conversations lately around finding “the line” in business conversations between professional and personal. A question I’m asked frequently is “how personal do I have to be?” The truth is, you exist, therefore everything you do IS personal….

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3 Reasons Not to Obsess About Your Facebook Feed

Facebook is frustrating! Or it can be, if you are the obsessive type, constantly reviewing your statistics and analyzing if your posts show up in your reader’s feed or not. But here’s the thing I’m worried about – if you…

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1 week only – big marketing help at a little price!

I am bursting with exciting news this month (Keep up by following me on Facebook!) Here’s a big one (for me)! Like thousands of parents across the planet, possibly like you, I have FINALLY earned extra daylight hours to use however…

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A-ha moment – hope and pray email is NOT a strategy!

Wow! I love it when things that make sense in theory also prove themselves in actuality. What I love even more is when the effort I put into learning something new proves to be an extremely great use of my…

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Brain Candy & The Art of Marketing

My head is swimming with dozens of great soundbites, ideas and new learning after spending a day listening to 6 completely different, yet complementary, speakers/authors at today’s The Art of Productions event in Calgary… The Art of Marketing. The one…

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Buzzword Bingo! A game of chance…

Okay! Get your daubers ready! It’s time for Buzzword Bingo! The game where if you play your letters right you… Okay, well, this isn’t going to be THAT exciting. But it will be meaningful. So bear with me through my…

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