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Why Does “Brand” Matter So Much?

It takes years to build a brand, there are NO shortcuts to creating a human experience that anchors a brand. Here is why building a brand for your small business matters SO much…

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Out of the Pile and Into an Email Marketing List!

If you tell me your customer leads are in a pile of business cards or in your head or on sticky notes or even in Outlook or Excel, the very first piece of marketing advice I will give you is to “get them into a list” in an email marketing tool.

If the people you have met have indicated they would like more information from you, and you haven’t added them to a formal tool designed to help you communicate for your business, you are missing the opportunity to grow the relationships that secure your long term business growth.

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Business Productivity: When It’s Okay to Drop the Ball

On Monday, I posted I was going to hit the ground running hard, one day back from vacation and I was going to be on fire. What really happened though, is my business productivity slowly took a nose dive throughout the week. And I’m SO okay with that. Here’s why I am so cool with myself for doing this, and when it’s okay for you to do the same.

When It’s Okay to Drop the Business Productivity Ball:

-When you need to sleep or rest
-When you feel a cold coming on
-When you feel a major shift coming on
-When you have big business growth opportunities to attend to
-When you choose self care over client care for once
-When you are doing something you truly LOVE so you can truly experience its impact on you
-When the kids have to come first

IF you do not pause the uber-productivity for the reasons above, you will:

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Wants vs Needs: The Battle For Your Consumer’s Dollar

If you are a fan of Madmen, check the antiquated ideals of advertising at the door before reading this post. Modern marketing methods are SO different from what you see profiled on tv, that your business will FAIL if you don’t understand one critical concept of the Wants vs Needs in the battle for the consumer dollar.

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Customers & Fans: Love The Ones You are With First

We are in a blog-eat-blog, my-small-business-has-more-fans than your small business mindset these days. And to that I say, who cares! What you do have to care about is loving the fans and customers you already have, first. Learn how to love the ones your with.

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All You Need to Know to Hire Business Experts in 3 little Ps.

(Monday Morning Marketer) Ever been burned on getting outside expert help? Ever tried to hire web developers, graphic designers, marketing experts, business coaches, sales help, accountants and more? Has it worked? When it has, do you know why? When it…

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