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[Video] Reveal: Key Strategy to Small Business Success

No doubt about it, creating a small business success story is hard work. Anyone who thinks small business success is as simple as starting a website, having an idea and throwing some passion behind it, is someone who is plain wrong….

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To Be or Not To Be: Personal On Your Business Blog

Yeah yeah. All the rage in blogging is being “authentic”, telling your truth, sharing your voice. These are the buzz words for the decade for sure! And they are also wise advice for every business – for within these over-buzzed…

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Getting Over Fear: My First Video Blog

Yep, I can own it. I had a fear of vlogging (video blogging). My reasons aren’t all that deep, but they are my reasons. I’ve held on to them for a full year. Creating a video blog was a goal…

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The Social Media Perfect Storm

I wrote a few months back about the marketing perfect storm. Not sure what a perfect storm is? Check out the earlier blog where I explain what it is. I’m excited to tell you I’m living the social media perfect…

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Power of M Word: More

Get More of What you Need in 2010 by Understanding What You Don’t Have I am sharing really exciting news about what 2010 looks like for me and any woman entrepreneur who wishes to come along for the ride! And…

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Grow Big or Stay Home? Not necessarily.

Monday Morning Marketer Do you live in ‘bigger is better and so is faster’ mindset? Many type A entrepreneurs do. Not that they always like it, but they just can’t seem to help themselves. The need to be “the best”…

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