Business Success: Start & End With Attitude of Gratitude

Okay, I’m going to lay it on the line first (then get a bit fluffy). A business is only a business when it is not a hobby. The core measure of a business is growth in profit and opportunity. In other words, if you aren’t making money, you aren’t a business — you are a hobby.

By many, the definition of success is cash-flow.

However, we all know by now that cash-flow is critical (more for some than others) but it is not now, nor ever will be, the cornerstone of happiness.

In order to be happy in business, we must measure success in many other ways. Today, I measure it with my attitude of gratitude.

But sometimes finding the gratitude is HARD when you are working hard at making a living — I get that.

It’s hard work to run a profitable business in some months. But by continuously slogging away at the right projects with the right effort… it does pay off in cash, in community, in customer appreciation!

But while waiting for that pay off to flow in, it is also critical to anchor success on so much more.

It is also critical to recognize that at a certain level of public success comes with criticism… and refocusing on gratitude helps combat that (facing that today actually!)

So what is success anchored on for you? (HINT: There is NO right answer. Success is as unique as a snowflake)

Gratitude for Those Who Step Up

I rather spontaneously planned a full day business retreat this past weekend. And I am thrilled, considering it was a Thanksgiving weekend relaxation day for many, that we had so many eager participants. Not only that, but the number of women who’ve put their hands up to ask me to do it again is really rewarding. THANK YOU!

Thank you to my knowledgable team of experts. I wanted to take a moment to share the blogs of those who took their time to share their knowledge on the day:

Julie Van Rosendaal, Dinner With Julie

Michelle Davies, Everything Mom

Melissa Vroon, Family Fun Canada

Fawna Bews, Every Day Aha

Janet Pliszka, Visual Hues Photography

And a super special thank you to Michelle Hu of Pigs Paper Clip for the friction pens (pens that you can erase — woo woo!) and gorgeous new journals for everyone! Totally check out this Calgary-based funky and fun online stationery store!

Gratitude for Those Growing & Learning

It is no easy task to get started in business and to adapt to the rapidly changing curve of social marketing and community building in the modern way. I applaud those of you who are in pursuit of education and expertise of your own!

You will get there! Keep going!

I’m currently doing an upgrade on this website and once I do I’m hoping to add a feature where I can share blogging small business superstars with greater ease… as they are running truly amazing businesses and I’m always looking for new and better ways to promote and connect. I can’t think of a better place than right here! Stay tuned.

In the meantime, if you have a blog, just go on ahead and share your attitude of gratitude here by accepting thanks from me in the form of the little comment box below… post your blog URL here for me and my community to find you!

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