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Pause That Keyboard: Content Creator or Content Curator?

I have an important question for you. Are you creating content or curating content? Are you a content marketer? In other words, how much time do you spend on Facebook sharing the latest Upworthy video, your best business girlfriends’ brilliant…

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Digging Deep

There is no doubt, being a human being is hard work some days (some years). But, to my surprise, I’ve discovered having things be ‘hard’ is actually pretty easy once you realize it is part of the process of life….

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How To Reach Your Business Potential

    Growing your business potential is an overlooked aspect of long-term business strategy. In fact, it is a totally different prospect than growing your immediate client or customer business.   Potential is everything to do with three things: building…

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To Be An Expert: It’s About Time

Expert. This is a word to embrace while also being cautious about using too casually. The truth is, how many of us truly rise to expert status in anything. The answer lies in how you define that word. What does…

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Get Over Your (Lazy) Self: Proper Email Marketing Is Essential Now

… not only is it essential to have an email marketing strategy (even a simple one), … it is essential to get it set up right, with an opt-in process and compliance standards that don’t get you in hot water…

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Urgent: Heartbleed Internet Bug Has Affected You!

I’m hoping by now you have heard about the Heartbleed Internet Bug and are making your preparations. This isn’t Vegas (I wish) but I’m guessing the odds are about 99% you HAVE been affected… but not you if you are in the 1% who…

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Are You a Word Hoarder?

What holds you back in business the most? Fear? Lack of confidence? Indecisiveness? Overwhelm? The reasons we don’t push forward are complex to resolve at times, but naming the problem and the reason is one of the clearest paths to…

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Simple Approach to Achieving Small Business Goals

The greatest hurdle it seems most small business owners face in achieving goals is not setting achievable ones in the first place. We’re in a hurry to get to awesome, based on some vision of what awesome is. And often…

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