Behind Every Great Woman…

Behind every great woman is herself… of course. But sometimes there is also a partner. In my case, it’s my husband. And while he and I often do not see eye to eye on my passionate pursuits to never get a J.O.B. again, in favour of pursuing my true passions here, he is the backbone to the financial structure of our family. And for that, all my fans should be as thankful to him as to me.

My husband is a work at home dad, solo-contractor who does code type stuff for the manufacturing industry. He hasn’t worked in a traditional office in a decade. Neither have I. Our home life and work life has no distinct end or beginning and I’d be lying if I said that made it easy or fun! It’s not. At times it’s downright hard… especially for my husband who has to put up with his kids and his wife (all female) in the backdrop while he’s on client phone calls and immersed in “code” — while he’s fundraising and I’m funraising. (And vice versa when I am trying to work and pegging him to be the designated parent)

Without my husband, our children would not have had a full time mom. Without my husband, I wouldn’t be a sometimes part-time, sometimes full-time entrepreneur. Without my husband, I’d have no conflict and nobody pushing my limits or questioning what is right or wrong. For all of that I’m grateful. In spite of the roller coaster we call marriage, parenting and two work from home careers, he is still my best friend.

I am not easy to live with nor understand. I am not able to take care of the kids and grow a business and keep the house clean (so I opt for the first 2). While I embrace my awesome, there are flaws and he has to put up them more than anyone else.

This business I’ve grown also makes life easier for my husband and daughters in SO MANY WAY. By design, my business is about having time and income for my family. This is often a contradiction as much as a complement. We will look back on these years of our struggle to raise a family as two hands-on parents with odd work situations and be grateful for what we’ve given our children and the foundation for which we created the rest of our life. And I will be grateful for his career as the backbone to my success.

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