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Build Up the Girl to Build Brilliant Women

As a parenting society are we going too far to claim we should not tell our daughters they are smart or beautiful or anything positive really? Because the fear of telling them something positive is that they will become spoiled…

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Radical Self-Acceptance Starts Here

For the past few years I’ve been wrestling with the ideas connected with the constant yearning we all have to be “better” than we already are. Better. Thinner. Smarter. Happier. Healthier. Wealthier. Cleaner. Faster. Savvier. Sexier. Better. Than. Who? This…

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Congratulations Facebook on 10 Years!

Congratulations Facebook on 10 years! Here’s how it’s impacted me in the past 5 years.

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Opportunities: Letting Go & Saying No

It’s so easy to say YES YES YES to every paid opportunity that falls in your lap. It’s so hard to say no. But sometimes, you have to.

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19 Reasons You Should Blog (Again)

Finding the reason to do anything is often the biggest motivator for getting it done. Here are 19 reasons you can embrace for blogging right now.

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Rebranding: Leave It For the Professionals

I’ve been involved in rebranding multimillion dollar companies and low marketing budgeted solopreneurs like yourself. It’s tricky and it’s fun.

I know watching a rebrand is like seeing a BNSO (bright new shiny object). You will want one too! But wait.

Rebranding is risky.

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How To Deal With Facebook Frustration for Free

There is nothing more annoying in your social media universe than the constant changes by Facebook, right? Facebook has grown into the platform we love, but hate. Guaranteed, when the latest change rolls out, my feed fills with angry frustration. But to roll with the randomness of Facebook, you simply have to get this perspective…

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The Value of Taking Centre Stage in Business

I recently participated in a photoshoot for my own company. I was really uncomfortable with putting myself as the centre of attention for a few hours. But aren’t we all a little squeamish with being the focus in our business at times?

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