Are You a Word Hoarder?

What holds you back in business the most?

  • Fear?
  • Lack of confidence?
  • Indecisiveness?
  • Overwhelm?

The reasons we don’t push forward are complex to resolve at times, but naming the problem and the reason is one of the clearest paths to stepping into the next phase of your journey.

And of the biggest discoveries I’ve found with women in small business, in particular, is this…

Are you a word hoarder?

You are a word hoarder

You keep your ideas to yourself.

You don’t blog (enough or at all). You don’t do videos. You don’t do podcasts. You don’t send emails. You don’t do sales calls. You don’t share what you do when you network.

You are a great listener. You are talented at what you do.

But you hoard your words. Guilty. Am I right?

Because you don’t do enough of this…

  • Write.
  • Speak.
  • Broadcast.
  • Sell.

Your knowledge, ideas, insights and sellable offerings are worthy of sharing about a kibillion times more frequently than you are currently doing these things. Yes, you CAN oversell yourself. But you can never over inspire and over contribute to your community with solid information and exceptional wisdom.

Simply stuck? Getting you unstuck is what I do. Fast. Find out how here for new clients and here for existing clients.

Schedule Sharing Your Words Into Your Calendar…

Add to your weekly calendar your time to blog, your time to do a video, your time to make sales calls, your time to send sales emails, your time to speak and write your visions, your ideas, your offers.

This is the most important marketing you can do in this social world.

Word of mouth starts with, well, words. Yours.

Who do you think you are to keep your great words to yourself? Share more.

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