Home Advocator

If you are on a rapid learning curve or in a tough growth period, and you would give anything for dedicated marketing support, then the Advocator plan is for you!

Past Invigorator clients gain exclusive access to Kim via email, text, phone and in-person meetings (if local) or Skype for 3 or 5-month terms. Because Kim already has intense knowledge of your hopes, dreams, goals, strengths, challenges, roadblocks and successes, you will use this session to seek out dedicated support for some or all of the following:

  • keep you accountable to your marketing commitments and goals on a regular basis
  • evaluate successes and challenges, and new or altered action strategies as a result
  • gather deeper knowledge and “how to” advice in order to continue checking off goals driving success
  • coaching, inspiration, encouragement or accountability to keep moving through actions on the rough days
  • implementation of tactical pieces of your brand strategy you can’t get to (creating opt-in and autoresponder strategies)
  • launch a program or specific plan (could include press releases)
  • extend social media reach through Kim’s networks (if appropriate) and by using Kim (or a trusted VA) to support the social media effort

TRUTH&Tonic fee will be custom quoted to suit the requirements, typical fee range: $2700-$5500 (can be split as a three-pay)

Testimonials or references can be provided from long-term clients.