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Do you have grit?
Do you know how to grow?

I do. And I’m sharing what I know. Read on if you’re ready to actually succeed… and have fun doing it!

Stop right here if you want to stay stuck a little longer. Go ahead, I don’t mind (TRUTH). But, do come back when you’re ready.

Kim Page GluckieAbout Truth & Tonic

Getting stuck and spinning your wheels is a terrible growth plan. But, you know what? Everyone gets stuck. But not everyone figures out how to truly get unstuck. It’s time to find your grit and get on with your growth!


  1. Get over your fears and limiting beliefs.
  2. Pour some love into marketing and selling yourself (even if you have to call marketing another name like Skittle rainbows, flying monkeys or disco-dancin’!)

To grow you have to trust someone, you need advice about what you don’t know, you need to work within whatever means you’ve got, you have to work smart AND hard. And you have to make it FUN, most of the time! Or why bother? That’s what TRUTH&Tonic is all about – advice you can trust, actions that make growing just plain fun.

So, enough complaining! You can and you will (grow). If you are ready to find your grit, I’m ready to help you pour on the success with truth and tonic lovin’.

TRUTH&Tonic (formerly MPowered Marketing) is home to excellent marketing and business advice, consulting options, speaking ideas, workshops and media opportunities. And fun! I’ve got that in buckets! Whatever help you need, know this:

  1. You need to hear the TRUTH so you can be nimble and apply relevant actions to create success. Your customers need to hear the truth from you to trust you. I’m going to tell you the truth about marketing that works, help you find your very own truth, teach you how to tell the truth to your customers and show you where your line is for too much truth! That’s a lot of truth. Whew!
  2. You need to have fun. You need some tonic to tone down that hate-on you have for marketing and selling yourself and your business. Marketing is part of your work. Call it whatever you want to sleep better at night, you HAVE to do it. So let’s make it fun, okay?

Truth & Tonic – adding honest advice and sassy fun to your marketing learning, consulting and events.

About Kim Page Gluckie

Kim Page GluckieYou’re busy! Got it. So, if you are looking for a bite-sized bio about Kim’s work, how she does it and her street cred, pop over to the media section. If you are sipping something good and have time for some depth of personal insight about how she got her mojo, read here….

Kim is the chief truth-telling marketing strategist for small business and organizations looking to grow, who gives you a clear path to act on and then holds you accountable to your dreams. If you want answers and “how to” so you can achieve those big dreams, call Kim for consulting, workshops and speaking.

She’s so fast (and kindly blunt) at giving you what you need to hear and need to do – you might feel awkward at first. But as you settle in to realize you are finally getting advice you can trust, you’ll appreciate the smile on her face that says “hey kid, you’ve got the juice to do this!” You will appreciate you’ve actually been told what to do, in a way that fits your time, lifestyle, personality and budget! So you can get on with growing!

And by the way, your unique marketing efforts are the secret sauce that makes your business special. Those that find marketing juicy and joyful are those who succeed. Kim applies tonic to tired ideas and pours pure love on lackluster strategies! And then she teaches you how, too.

Kim’s got grit and plenty of it to share. Where’d that grit come from?

Kim is a ranch kid from the Alberta foothills who grew up daydreaming and reading books in tall grasses under big open skies with mountain backdrops. Now she hangs out in Calgary, mostly online, in coffices (coffee shop offices, trademark coming soon. Kidding!) and in suburbia with her husband and 3 daughters. While she’s a city girl through and through, cowboy culture and hardworking ethics are the drive behind the je ne sais quoi of her business focus… it’s where her grit started.

Cool Career Came First

When she was 17, she left home to find her calling in life and landed on a career in advertising, public relations and communications. Between advertising agency, radio sales, small tech start up and corporate career-jobs, she’s earned the right to call herself one of the most experienced marketing and communications generalists of her era.

Her experiences are so vast, she could write a book about the first 15 years through big budget tech and industry booms (then recession), corporate  and glass ceilings. Managing successes and failures are both important and she has been at the grassroots of dramatic wins and losses for many companies. Highlights include the 25 Dragon’s Den-style pitches to earn business she delivered as an agency account executive (and won most of them); managing $1000 to $1million budgets with equal skill; the publicity and marketing strategy that was part of a multi-million dollar buyout of a Calgary company by a California company; the successful branding/rebranding and rebranding yet again of a multi-provincial utility… and the year and half of monthly visits to Cali and abroad for big budget tradeshows and work dates with business teams. We could go on but that grassroots Alberta upbringing that gives her all that grit? It also keeps her humble.

A Lovely Life Upheaval Came Next – It Isn’t Pretty But It’s Awesome!

Then came marriage and the baby carriage, 3 times. What followed was a slow breakup with the former version of Kim (tenacious career-girl) and a rapid fall-in-lovefest with being a mom while also becoming a solopreneur marketing maven.

Kim is endearing because in this time of transition she really owned her own TRUTH&Tonic by acknowledging life isn’t always rosy and that can interfere with success. With self-deprecation and feisty wit, she brain-muscled her business growth through the baby and preschool years, in spite of PMDD, migraines buying Cialis online here, snow days, family challenges and other big and small impacts on an otherwise carefully designed work life.

How? Managing growth in business with heavy reality checks aligned with family values. As a thought-leader she’s been telling the truth to help others create realistic success strategies, hacking marketing norms and busting the “you can have it all” falsehoods by honoring and coaching herself and others to ignore myths and get real.

Whoa! Heavy, right? But the truth isn’t always pretty. And not embracing your own reality when it hits you upside the head is the unspoken evil in the way of business (and life) success. This is the truth she’ll ask you to honour, so you can become good at setting values, realistic goals, prioritized actions… and embracing marketing norms with modern technologies that work. So much easier than you think. Truly.

TRUTH&Tonic Today

After helping hundreds of business owners, blogging hundreds of articles and speaking to hundreds of people, Kim’s found her TRUTH&Tonic and how to help others find theirs. She’s got good grit and knows how to use it!

When she’s not mixing up her special brand of truth and kindness for her clients, or zooming around with her multi-talented daughters, Kim loves to relax on the green with a great game of golf. She’s pretty artistic, too, but unfortunately all that aforementioned stuff? It keeps her kind of busy and without much time left for art, but someday she’ll have time for it. Really. Kim also speaks some pretty awesome French, vraiment. Her downtime often involves mojitos, mochas and plotting a future with more spa days and European art tours.

Ready to get your grit on?
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