A funny thing happened on the way to the ‘big idea’

Do ever hit on the big idea? You know the one? The one that makes your heart start to race with excitement, your brain starts to pulse with the possibilities, and you break out in a fevered sweat over HOW MUCH WORK THIS WILL BE?

Yeah. Me too. It happened a few months ago. And the wonderful thing about the big idea, was that it was the same idea I had a year ago, just better. I’m ready for it now, and I’m going for it! And it’s going to be amazing!

So, as I literally sit here in my local Indigo’s sipping my venti mocha, pen and paper in hand and ready to hammer out the details to shift from plan to action… a funny thing happened.

I got another big idea! OH NO! This is the worst possible time because I’m ready to implement the first one and I just don’t need a distraction right now. (internal dialogue). Because as I sit her with my venti mocha, rainbow of pretty PaperMates, and doodled notebooks, I know my kids and husband are at home and it’s Friday night!

When I am ready to shift on the big idea, I want that ONE big idea. Because it’s big, it’s a lot of work, and I’m ready!

But isn’t that the nature of big ideas? Once you get one… one you KNOW is going to be amazing and fun and more than just YOU will love… don’t others always follow? Why is this? It’s surely not a plot to prevent your brilliance to shine through by throwing you a new bright shiny object is it?

No. It’s the future. It’s what happens the day after you roll out the big idea. It’s the idea you save for when you get that ‘post-Christmas blues’ feeling after the adrenaline of the first big idea is over! It’s the idea that connects the dots from what you are doing right now, to what you are going to do next.

So how do you keep the ball rolling on TWO big ideas, when you are a time-strapped, money-crunched excited entrepreneur?

  • Write it down. With my turquoise PaperMate marker next to my green notes for the current big idea (so it doesn’t get lost). I wrote everything I thought, as fast as I could.
  • Put a date on it. Choose a date when you think you might be able to look at it and vet it in the near future. Like, the day after you launch the current big idea. My date is June 17th. (OMG!)
  • Tell someone. Make yourself accountable. We’re so guilty of second-guessing our big ideas about 5 minutes after our heart stops racing with excitement. That heart-racing is part of your intuition telling you how brilliant you are! So tell someone else and ask them to keep you accountable. I’m having “alone time” at Indigo remember… so I’m blogging it. I’m accountable to all of you to share the next big idea in July!

My current big idea? GIY Marketing Academy. SO excited. Back to work for me!

Your current big idea? I invite you to share yours in the comment section below. I would love to hear it and I know others would too. Feel free to include links to any promo pages. All I ask is you keep it brief (2-3 sentences max).

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