7 Small Celebrations You Can Enjoy In The Moment!

My 3 year old daughter had several milestones today. First, she cleaned her room (almost) by herself. She was bursting with joy as she skipped on one foot to me saying “mommy, come see come see!” Then she came back a few moments later in awe of herself saying “mommy NOW I CAN DO BUTTONS!” Her mini celebrations continued. And while part of me was happy to celebrate her “small” successes with her, I got shivers for a minute as it sunk in how these seemingly small milestones are actually HUGE.

The smallest successes are actually the critical foundation for EVERYTHING that comes next. For her, it’s going to be tying her shoes and doing up her own zipper. But that got me wondering, what small celebrations matter most for you. I came up with 7 ideas. I know there are more! Please share what you can think of. 

7 Small Celebrations (That Are Actually Huge)

  1. Making a Facebook business page. It’s actually the simplest thing to create, but until you’ve done it, it feels intimidating because you don’t get “how.” Celebrate that you’ve done it if you have or when you do. Because this can transform your business, after about 5 minutes of work. (Visit MPowered Marketing, look at the bottom of the left column of the page, click “Create A Page”, follow steps from there)
  2. Receiving a call or email from someone who was referred to you. Even if it doesn’t pan out into business for you, it is still the first time someone thought highly enough of you to pass your name along. Celebrate being valued for what you do!
  3. Creating an online payment system. Paypal is extremely simple. Everyone can do it themselves. And getting a Paypal button on your website is only a smidgen harder. Doing this one simple thing opens you for business 24 hours a day. Celebrate not waiting a moment longer to have e-commerce on your website.
  4. Writing down a goal. Yes, seems simple. But the act of writing it down rather than just thinking about it engages the brain into remembering it. Write it where you can see it often. Writing + seeing it helps you stay focused on why you are doing what you are doing and helps make good marketing decisions too.
  5. Saying yes! Celebrate when you say yes to something new. It’s a sign you are confident enough to step up to an opportunity.
  6. Saying no! Celebrate being able to say no to something that you know is wrong for your business. It’s a sign you are confident enough to to walk away from the wrong opportunity knowing the right one now has space to be noticed.
  7. Taking your business cards and handing them out! (Inspired in the moment by a friend who just told me she “is actually taking her business cards tonight”). Confess, you often don’t even think about it. What do you think you printed those puppies for anyway? When you take your cards, and hand them out when you introduce yourself to someone, celebrate making a connection as the professional you are.

None of these take you much time at all. But that does not mean they aren’t significant. Some of them are downright huge for your business, so don’t overlook them. They mean a great deal. I’m celebrating with you!�
Now, what are you celebrating like a 3 year old? Comment below, I’d love you to share… and then go celebrate that you shared! Repeat)

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