3Ps For Perfect Small Business Growth

Practice patience, persistence and passionate focus!

That’s the only thing you need to know to grow a slow and steady business. Seriously.

I do all three of those things often. I recommend them always. It’s hard to have all three at once, but they are necessary if you aren’t planning on quitting – and we all know that even though you’ve threatened to quit that super cool business you started, you aren’t going to. Right?

I see patience, persistence and passion for business as the hallmark of entrepreneurship. I see these 3Ps as the characteristics that help small business succeed in spite of setbacks and disappointments. These 3Ps are the qualities that allow us to be brave enough to make mistakes and learn from them.

If I was a marketing genie with a magic bottle, I’d grant you these three wishes.


I grant you infinite patience with yourself so that you may make mistakes from which you can learn, so you can let real life interrupt your business mojo without making you feel your business has to stop and so you can celebrate the small hills you’ve climbed behind you more than fret over the mountains ahead.


I grant you the fortitude to persist no matter what. When your partner or family question your ideas and abilities, when your colleagues and connections let you down, when your best ideas turn into your worst ones and when your road bumps feel more like walls, I grant you persistence to see it through to the brilliance of the next day – for it will be one day closer to your success.

Passionate Focus

I grant you an unlimited supply of passionate focus for when the going gets rough and you are tired, drained, disappointed, broke, hurt, confused and lost, your passionate focus will still carry you through and remind you that you have blinders to what doesn’t matter and that you and your business are RIGHT and PERFECT and WORTH IT.

Practice patience, persistence and passionate focus. Sadly, I am not a genie. I can’t grant you these three wishes. But I suspect you can manifest them for yourself with a little thoughtfulness.


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