19 Reasons You Should Blog (Again)

Finding the reason to do anything is often the biggest motivator for getting it done. Here are 19 reasons you can embrace to be blogging for your business right now.

  1. Tell your personal story, build your brand. It’s the fastest path to building your niche.
  2. Give a reason and method for others to get to know you… for free (for you – mostly – and them).
  3. Find and share your brand voice.
  4. Be a catalyst for action in others.
  5. Connect ideas and people.
  6. Create your own mental well-being (it feels good to write).
  7. Create change. Writing creates change within yourself, and sparks change in others.
  8. Create trust. Committing your thoughts to written words builds confidence in you.
  9. Spark conversations that need to happen.
  10. Improve overall social rank (gives conversation to share amongst your social platforms).
  11. Improve Google Rank (that SEO thing).
  12. Be seen and heard.
  13. Showcase your leadership and expertise.
  14. Be a champion of a cause or a person.
  15. Change minds on a subject that matters.
  16. Activate your ideas.
  17. Train yourself. Writing helps you practice your work.
  18. Promote others.
  19. Promote yourself (rarely, subtly, indirectly or full on… just read the quote below first).

Anytime you kick off a new project or new mindset, sink deeply into your “why”. The quotable Simon Sinek has some deep thoughts about why “why” matters so much in his book Start With Why. The number one question I’m asked about blogging is “why should I blog.” Hope this helps!

But before you go on and start writing, reflect on one of my favourite quotes because it underpins all my marketing advice and practice:

“Make it about them not about you.” ~Simon Sinek

Simple enough, right? Takes the pressure off. And now you have a list of reasons why you SHOULD blog, what’s holding you back?

Need more help? Follow the link to find a short free video called “Why Bother Blogging for Business” with 3 resonating points plus a page of reviews for myaffordable online How to Blog for Businesscourse and access to registration.

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