10 Do As I Say, Not As I Do Tips: Nonapology for Being The Marketing Mom

Monday Morning Marketer

Yes, in my first anniversary-ish edition of the Marketing Mom Blog, I’m not apologizing for my foibles and faux pas of 2009. For you see, I’m a normal, realistic, approachable authentic woman entrepreneur who happens to STILL be a distracted, devoted, loving but often grumpy wife and mom. And yes, in spite of my imperfections, I boldly claim I’m slowly growing a successful business, and helping others do it too.

If you care to reflect on where this journey started, and get to know me really well, visit my introductory blog post. Here I am a year later, boldly claiming 10 things I completely recommend you DO NOT DO, that I did and may even continue to do for a year or two yet.

Why would I expose myself this way to you? Because, while I admire the so-called experts who seem (or are) slick and smooth in their success, I don’t believe that’s their entire story. They don’t inspire me to connect with them on a personal level. They don’t seem real. Business for women is simply not just about business. And those who aren’t willing to share the true challenges of success in business (aka life challenges) cannot be true role models. I’m not claiming to be a life success (yet) and am certainly not a role model for how to do everything well. But I do hope my pursuit of authenticity, in combination with my support and marketing teaching to women, continues to make me approachable on a personal level, and still an expert on many business topics. I also hope to continue to attract women who are honest about the challenges they face in pursuing their own dreams so we can battle life together and come out business winners together as one of the rewards.

I do consider 2009 successful in many ways for my business… nearly all of them related to client stories and connections. But goodness… being an entrepreneur for the first time myself… well, this is a very short list of the many things I wish I had not done in the past year. This is definitely a ‘do as I say, not as I do‘ list, so listen up!

1. Do not show up 10 minutes prior to event ‘go time’ and also permit paid guests to help set up tables and chairs.

2. Do not use the word “poopy” to describe business and life challenges during events and meetings.

3. Do not work so late you must choose sleeping through the alarm and getting kids late to school, instead of showering & packing your work bag properly on a full day of client meetings.

4. Do not get distracted enough that you decide to bake goodies for event guests because you forgot to order the cupcakes (again)… (even though the homemade cinnamon buns were a raving hit!)

5. Do not avoid creating a backup plan so that when your entire family gets H1N1 you have to cancel and reschedule a large group many months later.

6. Do not overpromise with fear of under-delivering… this can only be saved by multiple 2a.m. work nights at the expense of everyone in the family (self included).

7. Do not forget to tell your husband when you are making money, even if you spent it already, because he may think you don’t have a ‘real business’.

8. Do not prioritize ONLY family and entrepreneurship above all else… regular self-care (gym time, sleep) are requirements not luxuries.

9. Do not become victimized by momentum… be prepared for success by creating a business model that allows for growth, that allows for enough work hours to manage the opportunities.

10. Do not forget one of the first words you uttered on this planet – “NO”. Let go of opportunities early that aren’t a fit in your business or personal life.

These are literally mistakes I made, and am still learning to overcome. I am still far from perfect. I still have 3 young kids. I’m still late to nearly everything. I still stay up way too late working. Yet, I’m still a functioning contributor to the lives of many women entrepreneurs who put up with, even embrace, me… the real me. I still know great marketing.

I ask you to embrace your real life and know YOU are a functioning contributor making a difference in someone else’s life… because of your imperfections, growth and ‘real life’ experiences. Embrace it. It’s real. It’s what makes you who you are. Tell your clients how lucky they are to have YOU… not the slick ‘supposed to be’ version of you… the real you. That’s who they want. Even if you use the word “poopy”.

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