1 week only – big marketing help at a little price!

I am bursting with exciting news this month (Keep up by following me on Facebook!)

Here’s a big one (for me)! Like thousands of parents across the planet, possibly like you, I have FINALLY earned extra daylight hours to use however I want … all three of my daughters are in some kind of schooling for the first time EVER.

F.R.E.E. T.I.M.E.  I’m inviting you to share a little bit of this FREE TIME with me in BIG ways!

So, I have a opened up, for the first time ever, just a handful of 2 to 3-hour consulting opportunities (open to anyone in North America!). These are ideal if you are facing niggly marketing challenges (see list below) that would benefit from just a little bit of marketing help. While you might be part of my “big picture” programs and attending other classes, sometimes you just really need someone to chat with or help you get stuff done! That’s what this is about…

12 Ways I Can Help You Right Now:

  1.      Simple SurveyMonkey® customer survey creation, implementation, analysis – ask the right people, the right questions to get the right answers you need!
  2.      Marketing program analysis– tell me EVERYTHING you are doing and I’ll tell you how to do it even better!
  3.      Sales funnel creation or tweak – you do have a sales funnel right? (ie. from marketing to making money)
  4.      Social media “how to” customized action plan – I’ll help you create a 3-month plan to have you tweeting and connecting immediately & repeatedly.
  5.      Blogging brainstorm –together we’ll create 10-20 topics, outlines, first drafts and timelines to have your blogs mapped out for the next 3-6 months.
  6.      Brand audit – Do you look and act like what you want? Do your customers see you the way you want to be seen? Evaluation, audit, recommendations.
  7.      Website strategy and web content audit, edit and update.
  8.      Copywriting or copy editing for websites, advertising, press releases, business communications, and more.
  9.      Decision-making and to-do list kickstart – helping you prioritize your time, money and ideas into a workable plan.
  10.      Big business brainstorm – you name the topic, and we’ll work through ideas and solutions together. Two heads are always better than one!
  11.      Key Message Platform – If you are still seeking clear, consistent, compelling content, you need one document that tells your ENTIRE story in bite sized chunks for EVERY marketing and communication medium.
  12.      Project management – I know from those first 16 years of my career how challenging it is to talk the talk and walk the walk, keeping budgets and timelines in check with vendors and suppliers. If you can use a “marketing director” for just a few hours to help you “get it done”… I’m your girl.

Any one of these marketing helpers can be accomplished in up to 3 hours… a combination of us having some chat and email discussions and me getting to work for you when required.

Each project includes personal marketing support and expert advice via email and phone discussions, plus a full set of documentation, instructions, and homework to help you put momentum to your marketing challenge or get a project done. We’ll work hands on. This is not teaching or coaching, this is me being part of your business team in a tangible way. Any help you need will work in complement to the 7 Essential Resources webinar and Decision-Makers Marketing Mapping if you have participated in either class or program. My goal is to shift your specific project within 10 business days from start. All projects will be started within September and completed by October 15th.

Hurry! You only have 1 week to register (or less – once the spots are gone, they are gone!). I will only be able to offer these special package prices until Friday, September 17th, midnight only.

Register now by following these instructions:

  1. Email me at kim@mpoweredmarketing.com which project you are choosing – include THREE options on when we can have your first project discussion. Schedule half an hour for your first call. Many daytime and weekday hours are available. Tuesdays are NOT available.
  2. Email me a Paypal payment to kim@mpoweredmarketing.com in the amount of $287 within the same day of emailing me as instructed above (make multiple payments if you’d like more than one project). Projects can start as soon as NEXT Monday, September 13th!.

If you have other needs, or have ANY questions at all, feel free to drop me a note. I’m happy to consider other projects for this cost. But again, first come, first served… it is true… I really only have a few spots available so be sure to jump at this chance if you have some specific marketing help you could use right now!

Let’s get to work! How can I help?

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