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A Process: Review. Repeat. Reject. Refresh.

This is an anti-New Year resolution post. I am not typically a rebel, but I absolutely hate being told what to do and when (ask my husband, or my mom, or my sisters). I firmly believe you can only succeed…

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Heartbleed Bug

Urgent: Heartbleed Internet Bug Has Affected You!

I’m hoping by now you have heard about the Heartbleed Internet Bug and are making your preparations. This isn’t Vegas (I wish) but I’m guessing the odds are about 99% you HAVE been affected… but not you if you are in the 1% who…

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Opportunities: Letting Go & Saying No

It’s so easy to say YES YES YES to every paid opportunity that falls in your lap. It’s so hard to say no. But sometimes, you have to.

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A-ha moment – hope and pray email is NOT a strategy!

Wow! I love it when things that make sense in theory also prove themselves in actuality. What I love even more is when the effort I put into learning something new proves to be an extremely great use of my…

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How to grow your business & not lose your mind (Part 7 – Effort)

I’m wrapping up this lovingly prepared information-rich seven article series with a kick in the ass*. Oh. I know. I could love you and leave you with rah-rah shish boom bah type of inspiration. I could. But I am not…

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How to grow your business & not lose your mind (Part 6- Network)

Either you have a decent network already, or you don’t. And if you don’t, you need one. Period. Why? Because no matter how much time, money, passion, technology, knowledge and effort you have invested in your business, you simply cannot grow…

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How to grow your business & not lose your mind (Part 5- Knowledge)

Today, I have a response to the age-old comment “I didn’t know what I didn’t know.” After this article, when considering the “get started roots” of your business, that comment will not longer be valid. You WILL know what don’t know. And hey, that’s a…

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How to grow a business & not lose your mind (Part 4 – Technology)

I am not sure I can build my business and not lose my mind. Some of the time. When I decide to do something new. And it involves technology. Who said if you are an entrepreneur “get comfortable being uncomfortable”? …

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