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A Process: Review. Repeat. Reject. Refresh.

This is an anti-New Year resolution post. I am not typically a rebel, but I absolutely hate being told what to do and when (ask my husband, or my mom, or my sisters). I firmly believe you can only succeed…

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3 Reasons Not to Obsess About Your Facebook Feed

Facebook is frustrating! Or it can be, if you are the obsessive type, constantly reviewing your statistics and analyzing if your posts show up in your reader’s feed or not. But here’s the thing I’m worried about – if you…

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Getting Beyond the Brand

If you are a slow-growth, part-time entrepreneur type like me, listen up… it’s time to talk about your brand! The fourth year of my five year plan is ending… really soon! And in the next year, it’s finally time get…

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3 Rules to Bulletproof Business Growth

If your business is growing slowly, sometimes it feels hard to keep the momentum going, right? Do you ever have a day where you wonder if going the turtles pace is worth it? In my career, I have been part…

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How to grow your business & not lose your mind (Part 6- Network)

Either you have a decent network already, or you don’t. And if you don’t, you need one. Period. Why? Because no matter how much time, money, passion, technology, knowledge and effort you have invested in your business, you simply cannot grow…

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How to grow your business & not lose your mind (Part 5- Knowledge)

Today, I have a response to the age-old comment “I didn’t know what I didn’t know.” After this article, when considering the “get started roots” of your business, that comment will not longer be valid. You WILL know what don’t know. And hey, that’s a…

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A funny thing happened on the way to the ‘big idea’

Do ever hit on the big idea? You know the one? The one that makes your heart start to race with excitement, your brain starts to pulse with the possibilities, and you break out in a fevered sweat over HOW…

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The 7 Essential Resources for Small Business & Part-Time Entrepreneurs

Snow White had 7 little secrets to help her keep her cottage industry going. Wouldn’t we all like 7 industriously devoted helpers taking care of our business for us? Sadly, we are not living a Disney fairytale when we dust…

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