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Living rent free on Facebook? It's okay to build your business investing in new fans.

Dear Business Owner: Facebook Spoiled You

You are a squatter. If you are not paying to be seen on Facebook, good for you, but you are living rent free. This means less control over who sees what you post and share. It means you have to…

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7 Savvy Steps - Blog-3

Seven Savvy Steps to Finally Act Like a Small Business Marketing Pro (Even When You Aren’t)

Here is a purposeful list of small business marketing actions you should consider taking in 2016 if you actually want to grow that business of yours… in spite of the economic climate. This list will help you navigate the tricky waters of…

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Storytelling and Statistics: My Facebook Insights Insight

I have a confession to make. I don’t really mess around with marketing statistics all that often. I really prefer building my business based on the conversations I have had with clients, feedback I get on social media and my…

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The word Loyalty in 3D letters with an arrow in a target bulls-eye to illustrate a good business rep

Stupidly Loyal (& The Art of Quitting Well)

Stupidly loyal. These are two words I have assigned to myself my whole life. I am a deeply loyal person and value this quality in others. However, at times I believe loyalty interferes with happiness. And this leads to being…

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Laptop or notebook with cup of coffee and origami heart on old w

A Process: Review. Repeat. Reject. Refresh.

This is an anti-New Year resolution post. I am not typically a rebel, but I absolutely hate being told what to do and when (ask my husband, or my mom, or my sisters). I firmly believe you can only succeed…

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Quote Typographical Background, vector design. "The best way to

How To Reach Your Business Potential

    Growing your business potential is an overlooked aspect of long-term business strategy. In fact, it is a totally different prospect than growing your immediate client or customer business.   Potential is everything to do with three things: building…

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Time To Be An Expert

To Be An Expert: It’s About Time

Expert. This is a word to embrace while also being cautious about using too casually. The truth is, how many of us truly rise to expert status in anything. The answer lies in how you define that word. What does…

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Are you a word hoarder?

Are You a Word Hoarder?

What holds you back in business the most? Fear? Lack of confidence? Indecisiveness? Overwhelm? The reasons we don’t push forward are complex to resolve at times, but naming the problem and the reason is one of the clearest paths to…

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