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Living rent free on Facebook? It's okay to build your business investing in new fans.

Dear Business Owner: Facebook Spoiled You

You are a squatter. If you are not paying to be seen on Facebook, good for you, but you are living rent free. This means less control over who sees what you post and share. It means you have to…

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Storytelling and Statistics: My Facebook Insights Insight

I have a confession to make. I don’t really mess around with marketing statistics all that often. I really prefer building my business based on the conversations I have had with clients, feedback I get on social media and my…

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Congratulations Facebook on 10 Years!

Congratulations Facebook on 10 years! Here’s how it’s impacted me in the past 5 years.

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How To Deal With Facebook Frustration for Free

There is nothing more annoying in your social media universe than the constant changes by Facebook, right? Facebook has grown into the platform we love, but hate. Guaranteed, when the latest change rolls out, my feed fills with angry frustration. But to roll with the randomness of Facebook, you simply have to get this perspective…

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3 Reasons Not to Obsess About Your Facebook Feed

Facebook is frustrating! Or it can be, if you are the obsessive type, constantly reviewing your statistics and analyzing if your posts show up in your reader’s feed or not. But here’s the thing I’m worried about – if you…

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Dare to Share Campaign Launches

There is so much great “content” that you discover on social media. Whether you spend your time on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube or another, you are there discovering interesting, informative, educational, entertaining or revolutionary “stuff” all the time….

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What is “Own Your Market” Anyway?

Have you ever been told to “own the market”? Do you know what this means? I tell my clients all the time – get as microscopically specific about ANY part of your business as you can, and from there your…

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The Social Media Perfect Storm

I wrote a few months back about the marketing perfect storm. Not sure what a perfect storm is? Check out the earlier blog where I explain what it is. I’m excited to tell you I’m living the social media perfect…

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