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On Anxiety & Aspirations

Dear business owner. Dear parent business owner. Dear business owner who has ever had life throw lemons. The shine wears off that business at times and it feels more ‘job’ than rejuvenating. The time marches on and you feel stuck…

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Seven Savvy Steps to Finally Act Like a Small Business Marketing Pro (Even When You Aren’t)

Here is a purposeful list of small business marketing actions you should consider taking in 2016 if you actually want to grow that business of yours… in spite of the economic climate. This list will help you navigate the tricky waters of…

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Pause That Keyboard: Content Creator or Content Curator?

I have an important question for you. Are you creating content or curating content? Are you a content marketer? In other words, how much time do you spend on Facebook sharing the latest Upworthy video, your best business girlfriends’ brilliant…

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